Selected cultural references from I'm So Fine

p.1: "I said I liked Panther (this was way before The Matrix)"

p.2: "Boyz N the Hood had just come out"

p.3: "The Beverly Center food court is also where I met Devante's brother from Jodeci"

p.13: "I don't remember how old I was when I saw Lou Rawls"

p.14: "My mom was waiting at the bus stop in 1960 when she saw Chuck Connors"

p.27: "I never met Bill Cosby but I met Beverly Johnson at Magic Mountain"

p.28: "We met Shai at the Fox Hills Mall"

p.40: "the first famous man I saw was Eddie Murphy"

p.52: "A man I met on Tinder took me to see Lionel Richie"

p.61: "I haven't met José James yet"