Ann Hamilton |    the event of a thread    | Park Avenue Armory 2013
Reading at University of Denver
the event of a thread, Park Avenue Armory
Non-Sequitur (2015)
   Fearful Beloved (2015)   
Black Peculiar (2011)
   Noemi Press  |  Purchase on Amazon  |  Review
 Credit: Jane Feng 2010
David Thomson, Zselyke Tarnai and Lenora Champagne in Non-Sequitur
Staged Reading of Non-Sequitur
Argos Books launch of Fearful Beloved | Wendy's Subway in Brooklyn | Dec 6, 2015
Dawn Saito in Non-Sequitur
Helga Davis and David Thomson in Non-Sequitur
Yon Tande in Non-Sequitur
Stacey Dawn Robinson in Non-Sequitur
First Person Plural reading series
Panel: Post Black? Culture, Craft, and Race in Verse
Conduit (2008)
   Download   | Sibling Rivalry Press | November 2013
   dancing girl press   | 2007
 Ars Poetica |   Poetry Society of America   | Credit: Rachel Eliza Griffiths 2008
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